James Akol

James Akol is a Ugandan, founder of Shambo Mahadeva Yoga and an International Certified Level 1 Sivananda Yoga Graduate of March 18, 2018 Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India. Diploma Number: (SYVP: 602) of 200 Hours of Training under the guidance of Swami Govindananda, Director of The Sivananda Yoga Veedya Peetham, School for Classical Hatha Yoga Teachings. He was provided with the opportunity to study Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Nutrition and Teaching Methodology. It addresses all the topics that work with people of various shapes and ailments and hence start their journey of healing. He learnt to teach with more impact, and in a balanced and sustainable way.

He teaches Classical Sivananda Yoga classes suitable for all levels and his training is firmly rooted in the lineage of Swami Sivananda. Classes include 10-15 Minutes of Pranayama (Breathing) and meditation, with 45-50 minutes of Asanas (Postures). James was introduced to yoga by Elizabeth (Kiwojolo) in November 2015 who later linked him to Nicky; a long time yoga practitioner and advanced yoga teacher at GEMS Cambridge International School and that was a mind spiraling moment.

For James, the regular practice and attending yoga classes meant a lot of passion and dedication leading him to a Community Based 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Course by Nicky, rewardlessly teaching yoga in Butabika National Mental Hospital for purposes of inculcating a healthy and enriching benefit to a majority of patients and also the surrounding community.

His class programs run all week, gently paced and students are encouraged to hold poses (Asanas) for as long as their own bodies allow them. Main focus and emphasis is placed on keeping the breath calm and allowing the body to “undo” itself and let go gradually of unwanted blockages and resistance on many levels. Each class ends with a 10-15 minute guided final relaxation or Yoga Nidra (Divine Yogic Sleep) so that you feel relaxed after class and moreso, rejuvinated! He currently instructs Yoga at Healthy Clubs including; Makindye Country Club, Kampala Club, and Kids yoga in International Schools like GEMS Cambridge 2017-18, Ambrosoli International 2017-18 and non-profit organizations, Willows International. More classes taught on community basis in Butabika Mental Hospital behind Post Graduate Hall next to Class One Internet Café on Saturday respectively.

Shambo Mahadeva office is located in Butabika Hospital behind Post Graduate Hall, Class One Internet Café Opposite Uganda National Health Laboratory Service (UNHLS).

For more information, you can call James on (+256) 757 130 449/ (+256) 704 446 751 or Email: jajamiecoleopus@gmail.com

James Akol is Founder, Shambo Mahadeva – Inspired Sivananda Yoga

Inhale Bliss exhale peace.

Om Namah Sivayah