Ameso Tabitha aka Biibo Tag Yogni

My name is AMESO TABITHA also known as BIIBO TAG YOGINI.

I Am a certified level 1 and 2 yoga instructor and also a fully certified Baptiste power yoga instructor. Am into gymnastics, contortion and acro yoga. During my journey of yoga I have come to learn and teach other various types of yoga. At my present moment I teach and practice meditation, restorative yoga, acro yoga, prenatal yoga, power yoga, vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, yin and yang. Am also into nutrition for I believe it is a right way to go together with yoga for the body. In the year 2015 I started Rejuvenation karma yoga and started having community classes at the Uganda National Cultural Centre which run one of the biggest yoga community classes in Uganda every Tuesday and Sunday. I was able to hold International yoga day celebrations from 2015 at the national theater up to date with the assistance of Rejuvenation karma yoga teachers and students, this year I held an on line celebration together with my fellow teachers. I have held yoga workshops at the theater, with Bayimba international music festival, Uganda National Cultural Centre day and also run outreaches in different communities around the country. I do private yoga and gymnastic classes one on one and also group classes and also put on shows for acrobatics. Finding a way to oneness and to unify oneself with myself and people that surround me. That is why I do yoga.