What makes a good yoga blog?

What makes a good yoga blog?


Good, substantive content. I like a distracting bit of clickbait as much as the next person, but it helps to combine the fluff with the occasional sprinkling of deep thought. Oh, and easy on the product placement please.

Trustworthiness Are the post authors credible and not too flighty? This is the quality a yogic discussion has when it doesn’t rely too heavily on Venus ascending in the dominant house of Uranus in the aspect of Ganesh to convey some sense of spiritual gravitas. A good author tries not to be so open minded that her brain falls out.

Frequent posting. You’ve got to keep that blog fresh. Something we here at DoYogaWithMe are terrible at and hoping to improve. You may have noticed our own yoga blog isn’t in our top five and that’s not false humility.

There are other criteria but let’s keep it simple and work with these. In no particular order then, the top five yoga blogs of 2015:


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