Yoga Causes Stroke In Overzealous Yogi…How Far Is Too Far?

Yoga Causes Stroke In Overzealous Yogi…How Far Is Too Far?


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The latest headline: Woman suffers massive stroke thanks to yoga

Don’t all freak out at once. The headline is, well, a bit much, but this is worth a read. Strokes are no joke, and knowing symptoms/signs is extremely important and potentially life-saving. That said, extreme poses are no joke, either. Please take care of yourself. It feels like this shouldn’t have to be said, but yoga doesn’t need to be an extreme sport. (Saying it again for the folks on IG…yoga doesn’t need to be an extreme sport.)

Rebecca Leigh is, for all intents and purposes, an Instagram yoga star. It’s clear by her feed that she profits, or intends to profit, by being an influencer. That should not take away from the fact that she had a stroke doing a yoga pose, but it should certainly be part of the larger conversation. How far do we need to go for likes and approval? Or, without knowing her full intentions, how far do we need to go to push past our “edge”?

We blame capitalism. It’s just never enough. Or maybe that’s too simple.

Via DevonLive:

“Rebecca Leigh, 40, was performing a yogic headstand when she tore a major blood vessel in her neck.

Just two hours before the life-altering injury she had filmed an advanced sequence in a pink bikini for her 26,000 social media fans.

Today the exercise obsessive cannot speak for more than a few minutes, suffers headaches daily and has severe memory loss.

But just one month after the devastating episode, Rebecca was back on her mat and still practices the ancient exercise for an hour every day.”

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